The Apron.

Four years ago and young girl walked into Tracycakes Bakery Cafe and asked if we were hiring.

A resume was dropped off and we saw this as an opportunity to leave fingerprints on a staff that would in turn leave her fingerprints on the community of Abbotsford, one person at a time!

We hired Olivia four years ago. She was just a young impressionable gal who was aiming to please and please she did!

She was an employee who embraced the culture before we even knew we had one. She was a goal setter, a people pleaser, a show up on time and get- to- work employee which is rare in this economy and industry. She was a gem and we knew it!

As an employer, I could ask her to complete tasks from cleaning the bathrooms, to baking our lovely cupcakes, to greeting guests with the most soft greeting, to dishes and anything in between and she would gladly reply, “Of course!”

An “Olivia” not every employer gets to have the fortune of employing, yet we were blessed to have her for four years.

She recently moved on as some do, but we will never , never have a wonderful you.

Thanks Olivia for your care, consideration, enthusiasm, joy, diligence, and care to detail, love of others, contagious concern, and drive to be all you can be.

You have left your mark at Tracycakes Bakery Café and your apron cannot be filled~ ever.

We will hang it in honor of You and your fingerprints left at Tracycakes Bakery Café.

Here’s to O.N.

Much love ~

Tracy and team




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