On being Mom.

On being Mom

One day you’re just but a girl and then a baby is placed in your arms and you become a mother.

Do you recall that moment when your wee one was placed in your arms?

I do, except mine was anything but tiny.

Weighing in at 9lbs 10 oz and 23 ½” long, a boy was placed in my arms and my life was forever changed.

My son Daniel and I

Two years later, another gift—a girl this time, weighing less (thankfully) and with a smile that still lights
up the world.

My daughter Melissa and I

Five more years passed and another blessing, a girl who—at 9 lbs. 11 oz., beating her brother’s record—
wanted to be sure I knew she had arrived.

My daughter Jessica and I

During the years of being a mom I learned that you love from the depth of your soul, no matter what.

I learned that children are the best teachers and that God uses them in our lives to help us to become
better people.

I have wonderful memories of being a soccer mom, a basketball mom, a ballerina mom (short-lived,) a
skating mom, a motocross mom, a school mom, a mom to all their friends, the cookie mom, the come-
on-over-for-dinner (again) mom, the come-and-live-at-our-house mom, the wedding planner mom, and
the Sunday dinner (every week) mom.

I wouldn’t change a single moment—with the exception of letting go of the little things and embracing
more spontaneous moments like wrestling, laughing until your gut hurts, tousling more hair, and letting
the house get dirty (well, maybe just a little).

I would tell myself that life goes by quickly, so embrace each moment. And I’d make sure I let my kids
see my eyes light up each time they walked in the door.

For Mother’s Day, why not take the time to embrace your kids, since they make us exactly who we are-

Make a reservation at Tracycakes Bakery Cafe and spend time with the ones who helped make you who
you are—or order High Tea to go! (I see a picnic in your future!)

From a girl to a mom and now to a nana…the next chapter has begun!


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