My year looking back while moving forward.

The year 2013 will be one of the most “moving” years noted in my life to date.
It started when I had just closed the Tracycakes Bakery Café location in White Rock late December 2012. Closing a café seems like a death, finality, and ending of some dream you had for your vision and future. I struggled with it and finally landed in relief that the stress of trying to run a successful business while little pesky ants run around your café is not worth the sleepless nights.
It was a good business decision, and I woke up in January with a new set of eyes searching the horizon for what I may do with the whole brand new Year in front of me.
A bakery came up for sale just behind us in Abbotsford, and I began to having “visions of sugar plums danced in my head.”
The goal- to centralize baking and save labor (and bake lots in a HUGE oven).
Thrifty Foods became a goal to work towards getting Tracycakes Bakery Café Ltd into Vancouver at the high end locations.
During this time, Tracycakes Bakery café in Fort Langley was set to be re-developed and the location would be torn down to re-build a new one in 2015. WE had to find another location to call home in the meantime. We found Murrayville and began the process of signing the lease.
Closing a location in Fort Langley, while buying a Bakery in Abbotsford (and doing lease hold improvements in the bakery) while opening in Murrayville(and doing leasehold improvements there), WHILE your daughter, who is your Chief Operations Officer is leaving on Maternity to have her first baby while your kitchen manager from Fort Langley, who is also your daughter is training how to become COO may not have been my “best strategy” as the CEO.
Just saying.
Looking back I cannot believe I am here today writing anything at all. My tenacity has driven me through and my determination has been my downfall of the year. Things are changing and I need to quickly learn (about six months ago) to adapt and change with it and not rely on the auto correct that I have learned to rely on.
I know I was the answer to the previous owners prayers by buying the Old Towne Bakery (now Tracycakes Bakery) and I know that I have been blessed with a new baby granddaughter named Sadie Rae, and I know that my youngest daughter, Jessica who just got engaged this summer in the midst of the above stated chaos will get married to the man of her dreams, Nick and that my daughter Melissa ,(who just moved to Kamloops )will be happy there with her husband, Mika (he just became a full time firefighter in Kamloops) and that my grandsons, Jonah and Fox love me to bits and my daughter in law , Randi has been the best daughter in law for me and that my son, Dan is a great man, husband, father and friend.

My newest grand baby, Sadie Rae

My son Daniel and his wife Randi and their two boys, Jonah and Fox

Melissa and her husband Mika with their daughter Sadie

Jessica and her fiance Nick

My grandkids and I

Helping my daughter move

Jonah, Fox and Nana time

I know that my Mother in law, who passed away very quickly this October, is in heaven and she is at peace and running through the flowers and loving being with Dad, Trevor and Jesus. I know that losing her was harder than I would have ever imagined and that I learned so much that final week with her in the hospital and I would not trade one minute but to say, I would have done more if I only had known that time was so short. Lesson learned.
In school you get the lesson, and then you take the test. In life you take the test, and learn the lesson.
At this point in the year, it is too late to look back and think “I could have done that differently” and I will take the lessons which have brought me staring straight in a full length mirror and reflected back to me the person standing there is basically good at heart and loves her family with every inch of her body and soul. She realized that the underlying (deep need) for her buying the bakery was her honest and mislead need for status. A huge eye-opening moment occurred when I saw “the good, the bad and the ugly” side of Tracy which would have been the end of it, except I learned that about myself and I can use it to make “me” a better person.
Ephesians 4:31 “You were taught, with regard to your former way of life, to put off your old self, which is being corrupted by its deceitful desires;”

I had acquired Thrifty Foods to sell babycakes to but decided against it as we were not set up to track and bake all those cupcakes needed for such a big company.
I have loved holding my new baby granddaughter who smiles constantly-just like her Mama did when she was a baby. I have loved sitting on the ground with Fox my grandson cuddled on my lap while we play cars. I have loved spending time with Jonah at the Aquarium and look forward to more of that. I have been fortunate to have a husband who loves me- all of me- and who I can lean on. I have lots of friends who pray for me and the little company who “could”. I know you each one. I have an extended family to love and who love me. I have children who are strong and confident in life and love. I have a Mom who supports me in every way possible. I have one thousand gifts and more that is not “wrap able” but are tangible, hold on with both hands and an open heart kind of gift.
“If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today?”
I ask myself this many times and if the answer is yes, than that is good. If the answer is no too many days in a row, I need to change something.
For today, I will put on my apron and get baking because that is what I really love to do. Bake and give move in the form of a loaf of bread or a cupcake.
Merry Christmas everyone.
May you feel Peace and be surrounded by LOVE this Christmas and in 2014.

The Apron.

Four years ago and young girl walked into Tracycakes Bakery Cafe and asked if we were hiring.

A resume was dropped off and we saw this as an opportunity to leave fingerprints on a staff that would in turn leave her fingerprints on the community of Abbotsford, one person at a time!

We hired Olivia four years ago. She was just a young impressionable gal who was aiming to please and please she did!

She was an employee who embraced the culture before we even knew we had one. She was a goal setter, a people pleaser, a show up on time and get- to- work employee which is rare in this economy and industry. She was a gem and we knew it!

As an employer, I could ask her to complete tasks from cleaning the bathrooms, to baking our lovely cupcakes, to greeting guests with the most soft greeting, to dishes and anything in between and she would gladly reply, “Of course!”

An “Olivia” not every employer gets to have the fortune of employing, yet we were blessed to have her for four years.

She recently moved on as some do, but we will never , never have a wonderful you.

Thanks Olivia for your care, consideration, enthusiasm, joy, diligence, and care to detail, love of others, contagious concern, and drive to be all you can be.

You have left your mark at Tracycakes Bakery Café and your apron cannot be filled~ ever.

We will hang it in honor of You and your fingerprints left at Tracycakes Bakery Café.

Here’s to O.N.

Much love ~

Tracy and team




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