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Still the ONE


The year, 1981.
The town (oddly Aldergrove, BC)
The reason- a move from California placed us at the right place at the right time for the right reason.
I met Ray in 1981 in high school after moving here from Newark, California.
I came from Football, cheerleaders, pep rallies, school cafeterias that rocked and school dances that were made for young love and ended up in a place called Aldergrove, BC.
I can say I was unimpressed.
I can say I was mad about having to move in the Junior Year of High school (Canadians say 11th grade)
(I say, tennis shoes, you say runners)
Anyways I digress.
I met Ray at school as he drove up in his Volkswagen Bug and he was the best friend I could have ever wanted.
I called him to pick me up for school. I called him when my boyfriend (at the time) broke up with me.
That was a life changing moment.
I always thought to myself…”someone should marry Ray.”
He would be a great husband but I never realized that “someone” would be me until some time later…
Fast forward to 1984 and we were married at the age of 19 (lived on my own since I was 17)
I can say I have never looked back.
I have loved being Ray’s wife and our journey is now heading towards the 30th anniversary of a marriage that was in perfect timing.
His timing.
You see, at times in life, we cannot see how things will play out.
How can a young girl getting married to the the perfect fit for her at a young age be the perfect ending?
Together, they had three great children and raised them to believe in them selves.
We taught them~
Love others.
Be kind (mostly)
Be honest. Always.
Be responsible.
Be empathetic as life sometimes needs us to understand.
Be productive.
Be your self.
See your future and go for it.
Remember your roots.
Forge your own frontier.
Grow together as a couple (Ray and I always went away often alone)
And along the way we learned that investments in “portfolio’s” can look a lot like investing in lives…
Our investments have given us so much return and we value them (and one another) more than I can express.
So Ray, you’re still the one…



What is your story about love?

I would love to hear it!


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